Plank Kebab

So you’ve heard the official releases, but what about those rough gems lurking in the Hank Plank vaults? Cherub Skewer, a compilation “released” in the early 2000s takes you deeper into that territory than anyone would realistically want to go. Curious? Stream this mix of studio outtakes and live rarities…if you dare.


Did Hank Plank and the 2x4s struggle to capture the high-voltage electricity of their live show in a studio setting? Maybe, maybe not. Who cares? It doesn’t matter when you can stream this white hot live set from the year 2000.

Ride It!

Get back to somewhere reasonably close to where it all began: Ridin’ Shotgun on the Bandwagon, the debut album. A classic, if only by virtue of its age.

Shootout at the Hair Trap Corral

Take a trip back in time to 1990-whatever, when everything was simple…except the far-out sounds being made by Hank Plank and the 2x4s. Set aside some time to stream their avant-country masterwork Venus Hair Trap.

Rock it to Venus

Has it been a while since you listened to Rocket to Venus? Perhaps it is time to do something about it. Stream away:

Snow Day

Some vintage Hank Plank shots from Central Oregon.

Photos from Spring Hill

Happy to share some great photos by Javier Garcia taken at an impromptu practice/show in the South Londonderry area of Vermont!