Your Ticket to Railside

Take your ears on a little trip to the Railside Pub with Hank Plank and the 2x4s. This 14-song live set was recorded on August 18th, 2016 and features the full 8-piece band.

Live at the Laurelthirst

For those that missed it—or want to relive it!—the Hank Plank show at the Laurelthirst is now available for your streaming or downloading pleasure. Captured in less than stellar fidelity, it’s just like being there!

Comin’ Together

We’re looking forward to the payoff of all our hard work. See you tonight at the Laurelthirst!

The Pain’s Still There

A staple of our live set, Whiskey’s Gone is an old Scroatbelly song we learned from our “friends” Jackass Willie. If Jackass Willie and Friends were playing a show this Thursday night at the Railside Pub, I certainly would expect Hank Plank and the 2x4s to be there. And if Railside Pub had posts on their Facebook page about things that were not karaoke nights from many months ago, I bet they would have a post about Jackass Willie and Friends playing on Thursday night.

Someday Gets Specific

God willing, someday will be today for Mark, tomorrow for Ben and a couple days for Tom, Ryan and Bjorn. Portland, see you real soon! Portlanders, see you on Friday the 19th!

Reunion Lineup

In case you’re wondering, the roster of our reunion lineup is deep: Matt, Ben, Mark, Juliana, Tom, Bjorn, Dave and Ryan. It’s basically everyone who’s been a member since Ridin’ Shotgun on the Bandwagon. If that’s not enough…special guests?


Hank Plank Trivia #1

What is the shortest song to appear on a Hank Plank studio recording? I Wish I Was in Prison is an early contender, at 57 seconds. On Planks of Grass, Hilary’s Song and Who Do You Want are both under a minute as well. Parole? Sure, it’s a classic short song, but it’s almost a minute and a half!

The actual shortest song on a Hank Plank studio recording is the untitled secret track at the end of the Rocket to Venus EP. The lyric is only thirteen words and even letting that final guitar chord ring out, it’s about thirteen seconds long. Now you know!


Ready to Ride?

The first new Hank Plank tune in years is streaming now. Check out Ridin’ Shottie (Bandwagon ’16). Hope you enjoy our new direction!