Devil in the Details

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall as a Hank Plank song materializes, as if out of thin air? Did you ever stop to ponder what a Plank tune might sound like before it gets polished into a brilliant gem? From time to time, did you stop to think what songs might have been ruling the airwaves if Hank Plank had been just a touch less lazy the last 15 years?

Today is your lucky day! For the first time ever, you can listen to this alternative history: 21st Century Demons. This special release collects a set of previously unreleased demos stretching out over a decade. The only song from the aborted Rocket to Venus follow-up, Venus or Bust? It’s on there. Mark trying to play violin? On there. Same song, actually. The album of drinking songs that was considered as a follow-up to Planks of Grass? Many of those tunes are here.

Eighteen tunes about drinkin’, rockin’, missin’ Portland, and learnin’ to love yourself. Stream it today:

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