Ready to Ride?

The first new Hank Plank tune in years is streaming now. Check out Ridin’ Shottie (Bandwagon ’16). Hope you enjoy our new direction!

Devil in the Details

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall as a Hank Plank song materializes, as if out of thin air? Did you ever stop to ponder what a Plank tune might sound like before it gets polished into a brilliant gem? From time to time, did you stop to think what songs might have been ruling the airwaves if Hank Plank had been just a touch less lazy the last 15 years?

Today is your lucky day! For the first time ever, you can listen to this alternative history: 21st Century Demons. This special release collects a set of previously unreleased demos stretching out over a decade. The only song from the aborted Rocket to Venus follow-up, Venus or Bust? It’s on there. Mark trying to play violin? On there. Same song, actually. The album of drinking songs that was considered as a follow-up to Planks of Grass? Many of those tunes are here.

Eighteen tunes about drinkin’, rockin’, missin’ Portland, and learnin’ to love yourself. Stream it today:


…there was more to the band than just their good looks. A few classic photos to enjoy as you see fit:

Headed Down?

Here’s a rare show that’s never been released…until now. Down in the Hole was recorded at the Rabbit Hole/Mad Hatter Lounge. Don’t look for it, it’s not there anymore. But you can stream these classic tunes, including a few super-rare gems:

The Dream of the 90s and Very Early 2000s Alive in Portland


Word on the street is that Jackass Willie (MySpace, Angelfire) are back in action. Rumor has it that “Jackass Willie and Friends” will be at the Railside Pub on the night of Thursday, August 18th. I know what you’re thinking: “Friends?” Yes, apparently even Jackass Willie have friends and I guess we’ll find out who they are.

A quick check on Yelp reveals the Railside is about the perfect spot:

“Don’t be afraid…”
“…one part divey…”
“I was nervous…”
“…don’t let the outside scare you off…”
“Could be worse…”